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Restore Health

Personalized Wellness Plans & Allergy Elimination & Energy Healing

Meet Amelia Bergman

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Allergy Elimination 

As an FNTP, my foundations are based on properly prepared nutrient dense whole foods as well as the concepts discovered by Weston A. Price and Dr. Pottenger. I use a variety of body testing to determine the individual needs of the client. This creates an entirely unique approach to resetting the body back to health. 

It's time to get out of the cycle of finding band-aids to feel better in the short term. Long lasting healing begins here. 

It's all about addressing the whole person when it comes to healing. Each client has a completely unique plan to accommodate the bioindividuality of being human. There is not just ONE way to approach health. The combination of nutrition and allergy elimination is a targeted approach that reduces inflammation while repairing the body.  This form of reset will create space in life for less stress, balanced energy and so much more. 


By addressing the gut-brain connection first, the body can relearn how to balance in an integrated being.  Without establishing healthy gut-brain communication, healing can often feel stagnant.  It's time for a reset! I have walked on this same path, and I'm ready to help you find your own path to healing.  

Meet Amelia

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Calm Lake
Why Naturopathy

Why Functional Nutrition?

It can help with


It all begins in the brain! Helping digestion work betters improves all areas of life. 


Stress impacts everyone in one way or another.  Discover easy ways to reduce the stress load. 


Remove barriers of toxins that are impacting health. 

Allergy Elimination

Removing the layers causing the body to process normal things in the wrong way is crucial to every healing path. 


Find more energy as your body resets and heals. 

Weight Release

Balancing weight includes looking at inflammation, the nervous system, enviroment and emotions. 


"Amelia is a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and wisdom! I am so grateful for her intuition and active listening. So lucky to have health support tailored to my needs and goals from New Magnolia Wellness!"

— Allison


Virtual Sessions Available


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1762 Hoffman Drive, Suite 203, Loveland, CO 80538

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